ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Our story

Trimetto Ltd was established in 1994 for the following activities:

  • pressure and gravity die-casting of aluminium
  • casting of zinc alloys by cold-chamber machines
  • production of metalware

We have been producing aluminium castings for the automotive industry, as well as telecommunication, illumination and household appliances engineering since 1997.

Every year we process nearly 200 tons of aluminium alloys from which we produce more than 2 million parts. We deliver the parts to our customers at a higher and higher processing level.

Quality assurance

The quality of the production processes we use and the services we offer plays a key role in our business concept as well as it’s an important expectation from our customers.

We organize our logistics activity as well as our services in a way to comply with the quality requirements. Our goal is to provide flexibility to our customers and increase their satisfaction day by day. We continuously improve our operations to reach this goal.

We involve our employees and keep them engaged. We collaborate with our suppliers and customers. We continuously improve our processes and our product quality. We regularly analyze the production and quality figures and we evaluate our improvement actions. Together with our ISO 9001: 2015 certificate – this guarantees that our firm will be a reliable partner in the future as well.